Goldie Alexander: Author

History, Fantasy, Crime, Humour, Memoir, Life.

I write fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages.

If you use the menu above you’ll discover lots of information about me, my books, the inspiration for my stories, and Teacher Notes that might be useful. I love hearing from my young readers, so you can contact me, my blog or Skype. All you have to do is email me with your request. I acknowledge you and then everyone can talk.

I also give presentations to adults, often Probus and Community Centres, how I came to write my books, and the ideas and stories behind them.

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I speak and take creative writing sessions in schools, universities, libraries and tertiary institutions and to seniors wanting to write life stories. Why not invite me to your institution as a speaker or to take a workshop?

My workshops include:

  1. Meet the author.
  2. Introduction to Writing Memoir.
  3. Writing Crime for both adults and young readers
  4. Writing historical fiction
  5. Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction
  6. Writing Romance
  7. Creating Convincing Characters
  8. Writing short stories for both children and adults.

To contact me as a speaker you can use

Goldie Alexander
Helen Bain @Speakers Ink
Fordstreet publishing

You can also contact Goldie using the form below.

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