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History, Fantasy, Crime, Humour, Memoir, Life.

I write fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages.

If you use the menu above you’ll discover lots of information about me, my books, the inspiration for my stories, and Teacher Notes that might be useful. I love hearing from my young readers, so you can contact me, my blog or Skype. All you have to do is email me with your request. I acknowledge you and then everyone can talk.

I also give presentations to adults, often Probus and Community Centres, how I came to write my books, and the ideas and stories behind them.


About Goldie

My parents migrated from Poland just before the 2nd World War. Born in Melbourne, my earliest memories are of a time when children were allowed to wander the streets without anyone worrying about them getting into trouble.

My first four Young Adult books were ‘Dolly Fiction’ novels published under the pseudonym of Gerri Lapin. My first book under my own name, “Mavis Road Medley” is a time travel fiction exploring the world of Princes Hill and my parents’ struggles to survive the Depression. Since then I have written more than 70 books, and many short stories and articles.

These days I work full time as a writer, teach creative writing and take seminars and workshops in Universities, TAFE colleges, clubs and schools. I also mentor emerging writers.

I’m known for writing historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels, plus my collections of short stories and non-fiction such as Mentoring Your Memoir

When I’m not writing and revising, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, watching movies and DVD’s, knitting, and walking. I do lots of people, animal and bird watching; they’re my way of coming up with ideas.

“My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove” is now in its 10th edition. “Mavis Road Medley” (Margaret Hamilton Books 1991) was chosen by the Victorian Australian Centre for Youth Literature as one of their 150 ‘treasures’.

I’m very interested in the development of the ebook as ‘the book of the future’. I believe that hardcopies will inevitably disappear, except perhaps for the beautifully produced coffee table book, though I do lament their tactile appeal. But what I view as vitally important are words, stories, themes and ideas, no matter in which way they’re published. Some of my most recent books can be read in both hardcopy and ebooks.

I speak and take creative writing sessions in schools, universities, libraries and tertiary institutions. Why not invite me to your institution as a speaker or to take a workshop?

My workshops include:

  1. Meet the author.
  2. Introduction to Writing Memoir.
  3. Writing Crime for both adults and young readers
  4. Writing historical fiction
  5. Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction
  6. Creating Convincing Characters
  7. Writing short stories for both children and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

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